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01.01.2001 - I started this site somewhere in 1996 as a result of crossbreeding two hobbies: my Transalp and my PC. I did this in cooperation with the Transalp Club Netherlands. At that time they did not have an official site and their web-presence integrated nicely with my plan. This symbiosis has worked very well for the last five years. But the TCN grew and I had less time to spare so the TCN registered an official domain and now have an official website.

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This event made me decide to throw out the dutch section of my pages and rename them (maybe temporarily) to 'HansAlp pages'. There will still be some information that points to the TCN but for up-to-date info you have to visit their site.

20.10.2006 - This site is no longer updated. Maybe in the future I add some of the 100s of pics I still have lying around. I hope you still find usefull information though. Today I removed the various email forms and addresses because suddenly the last couple of days some forms were being abused by robots I think.
If you want to catch me, join the The Transalp Mailinglist .

About me ...

01.02.2002 - My name is Hans and I'm a Transalp-aholic. Well, it could be worse but fact is, that I wouldn't want to change. I bought my first Transalp (600cc) in 1992 after starting my motorcycling career on an MZ ETZ250 (2-stroke) and a Suzuki GSX400E. The TA was brand new and one of the last five available for that year. I had a choice between maroon and green, of which I liked maroon best. It had 50k+ km on the meter with I totalled it in 1996. Luckily I had no injuries except mentally for the loss of my bike. Later that year I bought a used (23k km) one of exactly the same year, model and colour. At present it has 69k+ km and is doing well.

20.10.2006 - Still going strong. But in 2004 I traded the TA#2 (76k) for TA#3. TA#3 is maroon coloured (who'd guess) of 1992 build with 6500 "indoor kilometers". She still had original tyres and chain. I feel very lucky to come accross her. At present I've done some 10k km more, not spectacular, but riding almost every week. Had the tyres and chain changed and dropped her once on an oil spill :(