- XLV750R pictures -
Be forwarned that these pictures average 30-60K each ...

XLV750R is the shaft-driven predecessor of the Transalp. It was sold only during 1984 and 1985. It is nowadays a rare species !!

(8x) Piotr Przylucki, Poland
(2x) Mike Tea, Utah, USA
(1x) Matteo, Milan, Italy
(1x) Gerben Mul, Netherlands
(3x) Martijn Zonneveld, Netherlands
(2x) Janke Jonasson, Sweden
(3x) Ruud Sterring, Netherlands
(1x) Brad, Australia
(6x) Ruud Goos, Netherlands
(2x) Tony Angco, USA (XLV750R & XRV750)