International Transalp Treffen 2001

Augustfehn-Holtgast, Germany

The ninth International Transalp Meeting will be held from May 24 (Ascension Day) until May 27 this year. This time the Dutch Transalp Club organises the ITT and we have chosen the Bike Motel in Augustfehn-Holtgast as the location. The location is situated in North-Germany between Leer and Westerstede.

53° 12.727, 7° 42.900

The location isn't central in Europe but this is the place where we can organise an ITT which could stand up against all the previous places we visited. So, it will be four days of fun and nice tracks to drive, meeting all the other Transalp drivers and party.

Thursday May 24 2001
15:00 ... Arrival at the Bike Motel
Later ... Put up your tent or find your place in the sleepingroom
Later ... Diner at your expense (not included in the organisation)
20:00 ... Surprise! Party Time / socializing

Friday May 25 2001
8:30 ... Breakfast buffet
9:30 ... Explanation roadbook and start of the tour
16:00-18:00 ... Cart track visit at the end of the tour (special prize)
19:00 ... Diner buffet
20:30 ... Special presentation by Per Íhl
Later ... Party Time until .....

Saturday May 26 2001
8:30 ... Breakfast buffet
9:30 ... Explanation roadbook and start of the tour
19:00 ... Special diner buffet
Later ... Party Time for as long as you can stand .....

Sunday May 27 2001
8:30 ... Breakfast buffet
Later ... Break up and leave for whatever your destination is .....

DM 95,- (EUR 48,57) p.p. for tenting
DM 150,- (EUR 76,69) p.p. for a bed in the sleepingroom.

Come to Holtgast and have a blast !!!!

Zipcode + City
E-mail address
Number of persons
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Your place is only guaranteed if you received a confirmation from the organisation.
The members of the Transalp Freunde Deutschland will have a central point where they can enlist for the ITT. For further information about this please contact Olaf Kropp.
If this form doesn't work, then copy this page to your email program, fill it out and send it to me