- The ITT '97 report -

The 5th ITT, 8 - 11 mai 1997, Ave-et-Aufe, Belgium

Getting there is half the fun. For me these cows indicate that I am already in foreign country. Nothing like the obligatory black/white Frysian-Holstein cows that you see everywhere in Holland.

Found it ! This is the road to the camping, to the left, little up-hill. It sure is Belgium. It's also the spot for the groupshot later that weekend. To the right is where I came from. As you see, the road is wet which it has been for the whole weekend.

Entrance to the camp ground. The camp ground in Ave-et-Auffe was split in two. One half higher up than the road, one half below, the entrance to the lower part is what you're looking at here. And it's not a surprise that the tents were on the lower part. Which wouldn't have been a problem if it wasn't raining.

This is what it looked like from the entrance (roughly). To the left and down, the tents. To the right a parking place for those bikes that weren't parked between the tents and an odd caravan.

Halfway the tent area were the obligatory washrooms. This shot is taken from the roof, towards the entrance. If this looks muddy to you then the other half was way mussier.

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