- The ITT '98 report -

The 6th ITT, 21 - 24 may 1998, Heinsberg, Germany

A view of the countryside of Sauerland, Germany. Hills up to 400/500m above sealevel. A really promising setting for ITT '98. In the middle of the picture, seemingly far away lies the town of Heinsberg, our goal.

A view from the back of the camp site. Bernard Stikfort, Netherlands is the one in the red sweater. The place was along a small stream. It was a dry spot, no one had to fear for getting washed away like last year.

The grass next to the hotel was at first not intended for camping but due to an overwhelming number of campers it was taken as well. On the right you see one of the bridges that crossed the stream. The hotel, here seen in the center, was were breakfast was served.

On the other side of the road was a guesthouse (to the left) where you could rent a room or sleep on hay in the cellar or on the loft. Here was also the spot for evening activities and the barbeque. On thursday the pre-prepared dinner plate was served here.

A view on the garden were dinner was served under the white tents. It was all very well prepared and there was plenty of it. I've heard no one complain about the food, breakfast or dinner.

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