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The 7th ITT, 13 - 16 may 1999, Tienhoven, Netherlands

Here it was .... where a lot of German, a lot of Dutch, one Swedish, one Danish, three Polish, one English and two Belgium Transalp, Africa Twin and Varadero riders met.

Welcome to Transalp Town at Camping 'The Cuckoo' in Tienhoven, Netherlands. South of the river Lek, close to Ameide, which is close to Vianen, which lies south of Utrecht. Utrecht has a climable church tower of 112m/360ft ft. It's only 365 steps to see for miles and miles.

This is a view of the left side of town. You can just see Mainstreet on the right. Night temperatures dropped to +3C, just above freezing. The camp ground wasn't very wet.

The horses corral, right from Main street. Was just a little to small for all 170 beasts, so many bikes were parked near the tents. You can see the freen big tent at the left. The words from sleepers there: "it stinks".

The first ferry crossing during the first tour. The first one of a total of 5 river crossings. Toll was between 1.50 and 2.50 guilders. The first tour took us along a lot of curvy dikes. That's 4-5m/13-17ft above country/river level. So the view was great. The wheather was beautifull. Although we were lucky. My group only caught 4 drops of rain. Utrecht, which we stayed south of all the time got hit by hail showers and rain and thunder.

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