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  The Transalp Mailinglist

New links ...
Ronnie de Vries MC Laaglanders in Drachten, NL
Michal Dominiak Gdansk, Poland to Dakar, Senegal on two Transalps.
Pascal Leeman Vlaamse Hartrijders site (only in Flemish)
- International Motorcycle Adventurers
Martin Bitterer Moto-e-Mare travelpages
Philip Freeman Alaska Rider Tours , we specialize in dualsport motorcycle touring, and concentrate on the long dirt highways that Alaska has to offer. We have a variety of BMW's, Kawasaki KLR 650's and Yamaha XT 225's.
Georg Krings Homepage , from Georg from Herzogenrath near Aachen (Germany) or near Kerkrade (Limburg). On my site http://www.georg-krings.de you can see a few pics of my Transalp RD10 and what i've done with it. If you're interessted, take a look.
Kim Epton Down Under Safaris , provides purpose-built, specially equipped motorcycles; quality information; and support services to tour Outback Australia, without back up vehicles, totally self- sufficient and self-guided. We do not lead or guide Motorcycle Safaris.

Honda-links ...
Honda Japan Honda Austria Honda Australia
Honda Europe Honda Germany, only cars Honda Netherlands
Honda Norway, only cars Honda Sweden Honda USA
Honda France Honda dealer Slovenia

Transalp-links ...
Aliihsan Pirgan Enduroclub Turkey (turkish)
Vincent Schuller Trip to Middle-East
Russel Grover Transalp.Org
Pascal van Helvoort Varadero Vrienden , currently (3/2001) 120 members. Visit the 3rd Varadero Tour on April 8, 2001 close to Eindhoven.
Simon Vrijhoff FreeBike
Simon Vrijhoff Club Pan-European Nederland
Pat McHale Vintage Motorcycle jackets
- Twinduro pages , of Austria
Mieke Westbroek Bikesters.nl , for women riding motorcycles (dutch only)
Moto + Bike Rent Moto + Bike Rent , rent-a-bike
NVVM NVVM , Activiteiten voor elke motorrijder. Circuitdagen, alle mogelijke Verhoogde Rijvaardigheidscursussen, motorvakanties, motorweekeinden, etcetera
Stephan Gries Freunde der Africa Twin e.V , Africa Twin friends, Germany
Y. Lieber Motorcycle Security Direct , electronic security, alarms, pagers, proximity sensors & silent paging systems.
Buddy Fashion Leiden Buddy Fashion , Via deze shop kunt u online artikelen op het gebied van motoraccessoires en bijbehorende artikelen bekijken en uiteraard bestellen. De shop wordt periodiek voorzien van nieuwe artikelen om het assortiment en het daarbij behorende kijkplezier te vergroten. Uiteraard ook de zadels voor de Transalp, de Varadero is in ontwikkeling..
Freddy van Geit Africa Twin pictures , All my vacation pics, scaned and on my home page.
Robert Morgan KLR650 Dual Sort News , This site and magazine started out as a Kawasaki KLR 650 site (our KLR is much different from the Euro varient, it's the closest thing to a Transalp we have over here) the website and magazine have evolved to encompass all makes of "Dual Sport" bikes and "Adventure Tourers.
Freek Knol Nederlands All-roadforum , Nederlands forum voor het uitwisselen van ervaringen, vragen, antwoorden, enz. Op het gebied van All-Road motoren.
Johan Lammens frieschemotorclub , over de elfstedentocht bijvoorbeeld.
Johan Lammens Marokko 2000 , just have a look.
Kim Epton Down Under Safaris , provides purpose-built, specially equipped motorcycles; quality information; and support services to tour Outback Australia, without back up vehicles, totally self- sufficient and self-guided. We do not lead or guide Motorcycle Safaris.
- Coyote's Transalp page
Frank Campbell Frank's page
- Transalp Club Switzerland
Bogdan Chudzikiewicz, Poland XL 600V by "bc" (polish)
Shinji Matsui, Japan Shinji Matsui Transalp page (japanese)
- Utopia transalp site
- Transalpfreunde Deutschland
- Rent a Transalp while on Gran Canaria, Spain
Wolfgang Ruthner Wolfgang Ruthner
David Fox David Fox, Belgium
Enzo Cascioli Enzo Cascioli, Italy
- South African site
- Canyon replacement seat
- Czech site
- Ever wanted to lease a Transalp ?
- Getting high on a Transalp
Axel Janeck, Germany Axel's Motorradseite
- A Czech Transalp page. Hard to read ...
- A Russian (?) Transalp page. Also hard to read ...
- Motorcycle.com review
Svein Bertheussen, Sweden Svein Bertheussen private hjemmeside !
Graham Hicks, UK Graham's home page
Stephen Kaminsky, USA Steve's Transalp and XR350R Page
- Zubehör für die Honda Transalp
- Tom's WEB Page
- Second Childhood
- Moto Magazine On Line - moto-hit parade
- How not to run a motorcycle safety course
Marc & Peter, USA Transalp Rally in North Carolina Mountains, USA
Walter Colebatch, Australia Tokyo to London by Transalp
John Gartside, ? John's Transalp page
Bart Mom, Netherlands Bart Mom's Transalp page
Greg Aldis, Australia Big Greg's Transalp and XLV750 page
Jutta Heinen,Germany Some snapshots
Juergen Koch, Germany Juergen's Transalp page
Erik Astrup, USA Erik Astrup's Home Page , The First Keeper of the Transalp Mailinglist
Giancarlo Albrecht, Germany Carlo´s Motorrad- und Reiseseite
Carsten Beuthel, Germany Motorrad Seite
Stefan Kremer, Germany TransAlp Freunde Deutschland
Ove Makoto, Japan Ove Makoto Page
Alan Moore, UK Alans Home Page
Detlev Mueller, Germany Deti 's Home Page
Patrick Bosch, Germany Foto's Gardasee
Monsieur Jim, France Chez les Sheffields
Anita Nguyen, France Fiches moto Honda trails
- Some pictures

Other "Transalp"-links ...
- Camelbak TransAlp backpack
- Transalp mountainbike
- TRANSALP - The East-Alpine Reflection Seismic Traverse
- Travel agency for ski-tours (German)
- Skis (Finnish)
- Mountainbiking (German)
- Sunset sports, Sweden
- Bike saddle, Italy

Africa Twin-links ...
Simone Consigli, Italy Greetings from Florence and the Italian Africa Twin Home Page
Adi Burkert, Switzerland Adi's Homepage
Katsanos Phoebus, Greece Africa Twin Club of Northern Greece
Africa Twin Club Switzerland
Michael Dipper, Germany Honda Africa Twin Home Page , the Africa Twin mailinglist
Raymond Fels, Netherlands Raymond's Homepage
Michael Koster, Germany Homepage: Michael Köster
Joachim Loehr, Germany Joe's Bikes: XRV750
Marc Luthi, Switzerland Marc's Töffpage
Achim Muhlberger, Germany Africa Twin Homepage
Eric Pieters, Belgium Home page
???. Italy XRV 750 Africa Twin
Corbin, USA Africa Twin seat

Varadero-links ...
Bernard Stikfort, NL First Dutch Honda Varadero Pages
Richard Rosenberger, NL Richard's XL1000V Varadero Page
Oliver Lehman, D A german Varadero page

Other motor cycle-links ...
- Danish tenere Club, also for Transalps
- Boksmotyre
- Motorweb
Eckard, Australia Rennsport Motorcycles Sydney Australia
- Motorclub Web Nederland
- Euro Bike Ring
- Honda Pacific Coast (PC800) Motorcycle Web Page
Motorcycle info WebGazette
Pacific Coast home page Honda Pacific Coast Europe
Hawk home page HawkGT Homepage of Holland
bookstore MotoBooks Online
- WWW Moto Directory
- Motorrijders Actie groep
- Federation of European Motorcyclists
- Motorcycle Safaris Australia Pty Ltd
- Ton's Mooie Motorroutes
- Ton Machielsen's Homepage
- The Official RRR Page
for the bike techies ... Tech talk
- Big Trail Bike Club, UK
Jesper Ahlers Tenere Klub Denmark. Nice site you have. I have found a Owners handbook in German language called "Reparatur anleitung Honda 600 V Transalp ab Baujahr 1987" Band 5095 from Buchlei Verlag, Gewerbestrasse 10 CH 6330 Cham phpne (042) 417 755. It is not a Claymer/Haynes but it is ok. Seen your out there Kind regards, Jesper Ahlers, Tenere Klub Danmark
Marcello Gachet, Argentina Rallies in Argentina