- Référence hard bags -

(By Ben Hoofs) - If you're looking for hard cases with other (more) features than what's offered by most other brands, you may want to have a look at the Franch Référence cases. These are available in the following models, coloured black, antracite, antracite/light grey and light grey.

Standard case 18 liter, 42 x 32 x 17 cm 299,00
Standard case 25 liter, 42 x 32 x 22 cm 309,00
Standard case 33 liter, 42 x 32 x 28 cm 331,00
Briefcaser 18 liter 418,00
Jerrycan 10 liter 113,00

The interesting thing of the Référence cases is that they also supply parts for the inside. The briefcase-case for example is identical to the standard 18 liter case, but with a.o. a document folder. That makes it perfect for taking it from your bike directly into your ofice.

And if you want to use your Transalp or Africa Twin as maintanance bike, flying doctor or 1-hour service mechanic you can change the inside to a tool kit or better with the following:

2-Pocket document folder 60,00
Toolkit plate with elastic bands and hinges 97,00
Plastic compartment, no lid 33,00
Toolcompartment small with lid 55,00
Toolcompartment large with lid 58,00
Foam 61,00
Hinge, replacement for cord when case is open 9,00

Besides accesories for the inside, you can do a lot to the outside as well. The Référence case all have a mounting space (?) for attaching the following:

Lock holder 51,00
Lock holder, plus lock 293,00
Luggage carrier, including back support 226,00
Back support for 33 liter case 129,00
Cover-up for top mounting space 16,00

Another very interesting feature is that the abovementioned mounting speca can be used to couple cases. So you can have a toolkit and a jerrycan on one side. The picture shows you an 18 liter case on top of a 33 liter case. To do this you need:

Standard plate 33,00

And last but not least you need the case carrier on your bike. These are of the "Grand Raid" type and available as:

Transalp 549,00
Africa Twin '88/'89 549,00
Africa Twin '90/'92 588,00

Motorstyle in The Hague is the official representative for The Netherlands. Capet is the official representative for Belgium. Because Capet also operates on the Dutch market, you can go to Capet as well.

All prices are in Dutch guilders. I'm working on the pictures.