- Roadbook System A4 -

Fed up with messy maps ?

The question ?
You probably use your bike to get around. Most likely you will use it to go on vacation. One of the problems you will encounter is sticking to the right road. Making stops to check your map, that is blowing in the wind or being soaked by the rain doesn't appeal. Right ? But trusting your luck isn't either.

The danger !
Lots of people tried to fix this by using a tank bag with map compartiment. Often though a tank bag is not ideal. Mounting it may be a problem, reading the map this way may bring you in dangerous situations. You have to read it right in front of you. That is not good in combination with keeping an eye on the traffic. beside the traffic problem you will have a problem riding in the dark and changing maps. It is easy to miss the exit that's on the flip side of the map.

The solution !
To solve these problems, socalled 'roadbooks' were develped by (professional) ralley rdrivers. A roadbook consists of two rollers and mounts on the steer or under the windscreen. The route is printed on A4-size paper and rolled onto one of the rollers. By using the two knobs on the side you roll the map from one roller to the other. You can put multiple sheets behind each other so you can keep on driving without having to change the map. Because it is mounted on the steer or below the wind screen you can see immediately where you are.

The advantage !
Despite the advantages of a roadbook, not a lot of models are available. If you see them, they turn out to be expensive, not waterproof, difficult to mount, A5-size and usually only good in brought daylight.

Due to the demand for a priceworthy, easy mountable, waterproof roadbook there's now the ROADBOOK SYSTEM A4 based on experience of professional and recreational motorcycle riders. The all-plastics system mounts easily and quickly on that bar of your steer. The bar can be a maximum of 13mm diameter for the standard model. Other mounting kits are optionally available.

The ROADBOOK SYSTEeM is closed with a transparant lid that slides in and closes it up. It can handle up to 15 A4=size sheets of paper, and a marker line on the lid aids by reading the map. A second model with build-in 12V illumination is also available as ROADBOOK SYSTEM A4-L. Making night rides not a shot in the dark. It connects by means of a coiled cord to the dashboard lights and a switch is used to switch it on or off.

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