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Cases, side mounted
Cases, top mounted
Centre stands
Crash bars
Higher windshields
Intercom systems
Shock absorbers
Spark plug, Splitfire
Tank bags

bags/carriers/cases - Following is a list of various (hard) bag systems. Needs work.

Brand Top Side
Hepco & Becker TC 40S Junior Junior II
Réference - -
GIVI Maxia E50 Maxia E360
GIVI Monokey Monokey
Shad SH90 Touring SH90 Touring
Krauser K2 K2

RKA (USA) makes side mounted soft bags. See the following pictures: RKA 1 RKA 2 .

top cases - Eight different models of top cases for Transalp.

Honda .. Givi

centre stands - Honda as well as the German 'Five Stars' and the Italian "Buzetti' all supply a Transalp centre stand. In general two models are seen. a straight one and a curved one. The advantage of a straight centre stand is that the legs stay free of the chain. The disadvantage is that your bike is less stable when standing on the stand. The advantage of bended legs is that your bike is more stable when on the stand. The disadvantage is that the chain kan touch the stand when it is folded. this causes a rattling noise and more wear to the chain. so, beware chain tension. The Honda and Buzetti stands have straight legs, the Five Stars has bended legs.

Order the Honda center stand through your dealer.

The Five Stars center stand can be ordered through the Hein Gericke shops and Rally, Sport & Adventure .
XL 600 V, Transalp 87-88 22003363 NLG 179,00
XL 600 V, Transalp 89- 22003368 NLG 185,00
XRV 650, Africa Twin 88-89 22003366 NLG 179,00
XRV 750, Africa Twin 90-92 22003374 NLG 179,00

Spotted during a tour, but make & model are unknow to me.

crash bars - To prevent the fairing from damage you can mount crash bars. Also called protection bars or engine bars. They are mounted onto the frame and run outside of the fairing. In general the price of these is much less compared to what you pay if you have to replace (part of) the fairing. Whether you like them is personal. Five Stars, (JF Motorsport (D)); Hepco & Becker, (MDI); Jama Engineering ; Motad, (MDI).

Five Stars crash bars
Transalp '87-'88 2050-1000-0650 white
Transalp '89-'95 2051-1000-0650 white
Transalp '89-'95 2051-1000-0600 black
Africa Twin 650 2055-1000-0650 white
Africa Twin 750 '92 2056-1000-0750 white
Africa Twin 750 '92 2056-2000-0750 black
Africa Twin 750 '93-'95 2057-1000-0750 white
Africa Twin 750 '93-'95 2057-2000-0750 black

Hepco & Becker crash bars
Africa Twin

Jama Engineering crash bars
Transalp HC.139 black
Africa Twin

MDI crash bars 1996, NLG
XL600V, Transalp '87-'88 stainless steel 259,00
XL600V, Transalp '89-'95 black or white 239,00
XL600V, Transalp '89-'95 stainless steel 259,00
XRV650, Africa Twin black or white 239,00
XRV750, Africa Twin '92 black or white 239,00
XRV750, Africa Twin '92 stainless steel 259,00
XRV750, Africa Twin '93-'95 black or white 239,00
XRV750, Africa Twin '93-'95 stainless steel 259,00
XRV750, Africa Twin '96 black or white 239,00

? ? Moto Mirage,
Rally Sport
& Adventure
Hepco &

fan - For those of you who travel in warm climats or a lot in rush hour traffic it might be usefull to make this modification to the fan. Normally the thermo switch will start the fan at temperatures of 98 - 102 degrees Centigrade ( 208 - 215 degrees Fahrenheit). It is possible to overrule this by adding a manually operated switch. The switch is put in parallel with the thermoswitch. This ensures that the thermoswitch will still operate as it used to.
higher windshields - For a lot of us (the dutch being the on average second tallest people on the globe) the standard wind shield on the Transalp is much to low. Your arms, chest and shoulders are catching wind (and flies, dirt, you name it) and riding at high speeds feels like a ge of arm wrestling. So, several manufacturers make a replacement higher wind shield. Some of them are discussed below.
Capet The highest of them all being 54cm/10" high and transparently colored in the 1992 green color. the model compares to five stars'. it is pretty quiet. its length causes wind to blow over the head of the driver. the big surface has the disadvantage that strong side winds make your bike less straight-driving. and it vibrates more than other high shields..

Capet replacement shields
Transalp '93 45 cm uncolored/light brown/dark brown
Transalp '93 45 cm other colours
Transalp '93 54 cm uncolored/light brown/dark brown
Transalp '93 54 cm other colours
Transalp '94 50 cm uncolored/light brown/dark brown
Transalp '94 50 cm other colours
Five Stars The Five Stars shield is somewhat longer on the market. It is very nice designed and follows the lines of the fairing. Functionality is good, very little wind slips in along the sides. It is made of sturdy material and is finished with small black tubing on the edges.
GIVI The GIVI screen that I've seen looks exactly like the Five Stars screen.

Transalp '89 - '93 D 180S  
Transalp '94 - '96 D 191S  
See 88, 89-93, 94-96, 97-99, 00-04.
MDI MDI's shield is about the same size as the Speed 7 and the MRA ones but will not give you the feeling that you have a higher shield mounted. Wind slips both along the top and sides. The product is nicely manufactured and finished but its functionality is disappointing. See here
MRA The German MRA-shield is less stiff. Maybe that caused the test model to be a little crooked. It keeps the wind well away from the rider, partly because of the special side spoilers. Because the wide handle-bar of the Transalp needs a lot of space when moving to its extremes a wind shield in general cannot be to wide. This has the disadvantage that wind will more easily pass from the sides. MRA solved this by widening the shield just above the rotational center of the handle bars. Thus taking away the wind pressure from the shoulders. The side spoilers function well, they look less good. MRA marketed also an older model, that is now out of production, which was a little shorter and a little more straight up. See here
Rifle, USA No experience but a picture is available. Rifle carries a 15"/38cm and a 18"/45cm high replacement, pretty straight. Clear or tinted. See here
Speed 7 This one was one of the first to hit the market. Is is pretty stiff, thus eliminating 'wiggeling' (?) because of wind. Some wind does pass from the sides though. The design looks like it was made without a Transalp at hand. The line of the fairing does not show in the shield.

Each high shield should have the tubing like Five Stars'. It reduces effects of hitting your head when executing unlucky movements like sudden stops. It also stops rain from flying of the top of the shield. Some manufacturers supply such tubing separately or sell it separately. The author and test driver (not me) is 1.74m/5'9" and weighs about 65kg/143lbs. Both weight, length and driving position will influence the functionality of every wind shield.

Capet MDI ? Honda ? MRA Rifle

intercom systems - Following is a list of various intercom systems. Pricing is indicative.

Brand Model Price  
Baehr Hobby NLG 449,- ++++
Baehr AVC 11 Vispo NLG 649,- +++++
Baehr AVC 13 Genio NLG 949,- +++++
BMW Intercom NLG 839,- +++
Boco IC-480 NLG 349,- +++
Tandem HJC 40 NLG 179,- / 224,- +++
J&M MAP HS-200 NLG 1657,- up ++++
Nady PMC-2/PMC-3 NLG 185,- up +++
GAP MC-2/MC-3 NLG 198,- +++
Novatronic Travelcom 1A NLG 849,- +++
Osbe Intercom Poker NLG 142.50 up +++
Osbe Intercom 90 NLG 210,- up +++
Osbe Intercom Robot NLG 255,- pu +++
Oxford Bike Mike MK2 ? ++++
See Taco's Workshop for a DIY-intercom systemfor two bikes.

scottoiler - Are you fed up with dry chains, grease, oil and the likes. Maybe the Scottoiler is something for you.
970701 - What I did not realise was that if the outside temperature rises, the oil in the reservoir becomes thinner. And thus runs quicker. So you're sooner out of oil. Maybe something to remember.
seats - Known to most of us: the Transalp seat is not the most comfortable one on long tours. It is a little to soft and causes a sour ass. A replacement seat for both Transalp and Africa Twin is available from a company by the name of Mike Corbin. It is a wider and flatter seat and has a higher bucket. As far as I could see and feel it is also lower than the original. Advantageous depending on your length. It makes the buddy a little higher to.
Foto Corbin Transalp seat , Foto Corbin Africa Twin seat
The Italian 'Giulari' also makes a replacement seat. It is supposed to be lower and offer a better position. Unfortunately only available in the grey and blue colors of the 87/88/89 models.
The third way to go is have the original seat stuffed. Lift the seat and put an extra layer of poly-urethane foam under it. Beware of the staples. They need a power tool to get them in the plastic chassis.
shocks - Looking for replacement shocks ? Try these suspension people: Bitubo, Ohlins, Paioli, Technoflex or WhitePower.
spark plugs, splitfire - Spark plugs normally have two electrodes. One in the middle and one that is bend from the outside to the middle ('ground'). The ground electrode is normally regular shaped. The Splitfire has a V-shaped notch on the inside of the ground electrode, that is the side that 'sees' the other electrode. The idea behind it is that the spark has a more direct contact with the fuel-air mixture. Thus it will cause a better combustion resulting in better peformance, better fuel economy, en less polution. That's the theory.

One of our members tried four Splitfires and had the essential parameters checked before and after. He found that the Splitfires do have the positive effects mentioned above. Not as much as the manufacturer advertises though but they certainly have a positive effect.
tankbags - One type of tankbags is the 'Bagster'. Another one comes from the French 'Sifact'. These are tankbags with an included, TA-colored, TA-tailored tank cover. The advantage of this system is that the cover can stay on the bike while you take that bag off. The cover protects against dust and scratches, the bag is put on by using click-locks (the ones you find on bag packs, etc.) The fake-leather cover covers the tank partially and leaves room for the tank-lock. The cover is put on with black plastic-covered hooks and/or a strap. Covers are available in black, single-colored (not black) and multi-colored (tank-design).
The tankbag itself is also made of imitation leather and the flap over the zipper makes it waterproof. It has a transparent top compartiment where you can put maps, etc. It comes in black with a rain flap in a color from the cover color-palette. Optionally available is a set of small side-bags, each 4.5 liter. Because of the steep tank the distributor advises the Baja-off-road-model. A 16 liter and 30 liter model are available.

Bagster Bagster

tires - This is a short list of front (90/90-21) and rear (130/80-17) tires for the Transalp.

TypeSize f/rWeight f/r
Avon Gripster AM24 T 90/136 mm 4,3/6,2
Bridgestone TW47/TW48 H 92/127 mm 4,1/7,8
Continental TKC60/TKC70 T 88/131 mm 4,9/6,8
Dunlop Trailmax T 90/129 mm 4,6/6,6
Metzeler Enduro 3 T 92/126 mm 4,3/7,2
Metzeler Enduro 4 H 94/127 mm 4,5/6,5
Metzeler ME33/ME55a H 94/131 mm 4,4/6,2
Michelin T65 H/T 86/127 mm 4,1/6,8
Michelin T66 H 86/128 mm 4,7/6,8
Pirelli MT50 T 92/125 mm 4,1/6,2
Pirelli MT60 H/T 92/125 mm 4,3/7,3
Yokohama E705 T 91/125 mm 3,9/6,0