The 7th International Transalp Meeting - I.T.T. 1999

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Where & When

The ITT 99 will be organised by the Transalp Club Netherlands and held in Tienhoven, Netherlands, close to Ameide. See map because there are multiple Tienhovens in Holland. It will be during the Ascension Day weekend of 13 to 16 may 1999.

The fact that you should be there we don't have to explain. The ITT is one of the, if not THE highlight of the season. Where else do you find so many different Transalps, Africa Twins and XLV750Rs from so many countries with so many different riders together.

... And where do you find a bigger party ? ...

!! Route !!
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Thusday 13 may

  • Arrival from 13.00 hrs
  • Dinner at own expense, special menu available
  • Presentation bij special world traveller
  • Party night I

    Friday 14 may

  • Breakfast
  • Tour through typical dutch landscape
  • Euro-buffet
  • Party night II

    Saturday 15 may

  • Breakfast
  • Tour trhogh even more typical dutch landscape
  • Party night III
    Special theme, barbecue, dutch treats

    Sunday 16 may

  • Breakfast
  • Saddle up and go home

  • Cost

    If you sleep in your own tent this will cost you NLG 135,00 per person. If you use the big sleeping tent it costs NLG 160,00 per person. The big sleeping tent is outfitted with classical, genuine army style beds. Bunks ! Bring your own sleeping bag.

    If you don't want to miss this make sure your application form is sent in ASAP. Make sure you fill it out correctly. For dutchies only: Als je een eenmalige machtiging verleent, wordt het bedrag rond 1 april afgeschreven. Als je het geld zelf overmaakt, zorg dan dat je dit voor 1 april doet.

    If you want vegetarian meals, please let us know. If you want other things, please let us know. We'll do what we can.

    All Dutch people
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    Datum vandaag
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    Reisafstand (km)
    Ik kom met personen naar Tienhoven op 13 mei 1999

    Geeft je mailprogramma problemen dan is het misschien veiliger om alle gegevens 'gewoon' in een mailtje ( te sturen. Je mag natuurlijk ook het formulier afdrukken, invullen en faxen naar: 024 3734639 of opsturen naar :
    Postbus 10261
    1301 AG Almere

    All others ...
    Please let us know that you're coming by filling out the form or send email to
    ( or (
    or fax to +31 (0)24 3734639
    Be prepared to pay in dutch guilders when you arrive.

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    Distance to Tienhoven
    I will come with people to Tienhoven at 13 may 1999

    See you at ITT 99 in Tienhoven, Netherlands !!

    Partial list of non-dutch subscribers

    As of 12/05/99

    dutch: 77

    other: 89

    15/4/99 Sad news: Christoph Pioro from Germany had to cancel because his exam schedule was changed.
    He is now working extra hard for his exams. Good luck Christoph !

    Name City Country Distance
    Carsten Espei Iserlohn Germany 238 km
    Carsten Kohring Erfweiler Germany 530 km
    Deti Mueller Burgdorf Germany 387 km
    Florian Milles Hemhofen Germany 675 km
    Fons Schijvens Lier Belgium 138 km
    Frank Vees Wildberg Germany 580 km
    Giancarlo Albrecht Stutensee Germany 550 km
    Gisela Mayer Bamberg Germany 615 km
    Gregor Hermens Munchen Germany 795 km
    Kai Böckmann Ibbenbüren Germany 200 km
    Marco (and Claudia) Wächter Rattelsdorf Germany 650 km
    Michal Dominiak Gdansk Poland 1120 km
    Michael Ullrich Bruchsal Germany 495 km
    Per Öhl Goteborg Sweden 1029 km
    Rainer Fuchs Nürnberg Germany 625 km
    Stefan Kremer Schwabach Germany 634 km
    Sven Weis + Anja Contwig Germany 452 km
    Veronika Boguth Waldbronn Germany 0 km
    Andreas Lackman Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler Germany 263 km
    Harald Urban Langenau Germany 672 km
    Juergen Luigi Koch Walsdorf Germany 615 km
    Brigitte Mayer Walsdorf Germany 615 km
    Bogdan Chudzikiewicz Gdansk Poland 1120 km
    Carsten O'mer Hannover Germany 350 km
    Heinz Girmann Hamburg Germany 440 km
    Dirk Turowski Losswig Germany 760 km
    Martin Cäsar Solingen Germany 225 km
    Gordon Mc Clain Bamberg Germany 615 km
    Peter (Piet) Lohmueller + Malu Stascheit Düsseldorf Germany 200 km
    Kirstin Roth Rheinberg Germany 165 km
    Jörg Junk Solingen Germany 212 km
    Claudia Schattauer + ... + ... Dornstadt Germany 658 km
    Andre Virgens Berlin Germany 635 km
    Klaus-Pete Kugler Melle Germany 241 km
    Andreas Grundler Wuppertal Germany 216 km
    Frank Würsching Reinheim Germany 431 km
    Brigitte Meyer Melle Germany 241 km
    Robert Heinen Langenfeld Germany 210 km
    Roland Heise + ... Hamburg Germany 440 km
    Klaus-Jürgen Meier + ... Leipzig Germany 613 km
    Per Jorgensen Frederikshavn Denmark 1000 km
    Achim Daniels + ... + ... Neuss Germany 198 km
    Michael Rehse Hannover Germany 352 km
    Udo Derks Heeßen Germany 0 km
    Andrea Schenkel Arnsberg Germany 256 km
    Thomas Wille Erkrath Germany 0 km
    Markus Stalitza Schwäbisch Gmünd Germany 831 km
    Maciej Swinarski Gdañsk Poland 1100 km
    Thomas Krug Velbert Germany 190 km
    Steffen Koenig Schöneiche Germany 0 km
    Jörg Burschat Berlin Germany 635 km
    Thorsten Kirschhoff Melle Germany 241km
    Anja Frank Hersbruck Germany 0 km
    Lars Vossmer + ... Frankfurt am Main Germany 406 km
    Ralf Schwarz Kalbe/Milde Germany 520 km
    Ondolf Lamoller Wedel Germany 448 km
    Sabine Callens + ... Ingelmunster Belgium 245 km