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The Transalp Mailing List connects Transalp owners and enthusiasts around the world.
All kinds of Transalp (400cc, 600cc, 650cc, 700cc) related questions and information are exchanged using the list.

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history ...

Mark I:
The Transalp mailinglist ('TA-list') was an idea of Erik Astrup. He started it from the US in 1996. Erik used to ride a Transalp and his love for the bike started it all. Erik maintained it by hand and send out a digested list. I joined the TA-list around issue #14.

Mark II:
In June 1997 Erik decided to quit maintaining the TA-list and found a successor in Alexander Arabatjis, Thessaloniki, Greece. Since then Alexander ('Alexis') has been keeping the list. Alexis ran two lists using MajorDomo: a regular list (individual emails) and a digested one. After some time George Michalopoulos took over.

Mark III:
As per January 2004 the listserver now runs MailMan. To subscribe, unsubscribe, edit, etc. for both members and non-members you can visit this link. The new server also keeps archives.

Mark IV:
In 2005 the list was migrated to the United States, under supervision of Eddy van Keulen. Find it here: Transalp Mailinglist .

I always subscribed to both lists and since I have a problem with throwing things out, if you need history, I have it. I can send you ZIPped Netscape/Thunderbird mailboxes, either regular or digested, per year.