- Transalp Club Netherlands -


History - The Transalp Club Nederland became official on April 28, 1991, during the first ever meeting held in the Postiljon Motel in Arnhem, NL. This occassion brought 25 Transalpers together. The initial step was taken by Peter Donk, who placed an ad in MOTO 73 issue 4 of 1991. He asked if a Transalp Club did exist. Piet Loomans, another reader of MOTO 73, responded and offered to be the contact person for Transalping Holland. His reply caused another 18 responses and the next step was the first, inaugural, meeting in the Postiljon Motel in Arnhem, NL.

The first issue of the later to become 'Transalper Magazine' came out in June 1991. More of a newsletter of four A4-pages, it was send to the members. A total of three issues were printed that first year. Thirteen Transalps took part in the first organised tour (the 17th Rijnroute) and three more tours followed that year. The last one lasted a weekend, this later became the traditional Eifelweekend.

At the beginning of the 1992-season the TCN had a total of 70 members. This is the first year that the Transalper came out as a (small, A5-sized) magazine. The editor-in-chief was Henk Oskam. 1992 was the first year for a visit to Honda Nederland in Ridderkerk, NL. The first 'season-end'-weekend tour was scheduled. At the end of 1992 the TCN counted 61 members.

1993 brought a lot of big events among which were the first off-road tour and (the highlight) the first International Transalp Treffen (ITT) in Luxemburg. This meeting brought a lot of European Transalps together, even from Sweden where Per Ohl and his wife Liana came from.

1996 means that the first lustrum is here. We currently have 350 members among which are both Transalp and Africa Twin riders. In the past years the Africa Twin, XLV750R and (since january 2000) also the Varadero, were accepted as official club motorcycles.

Membership - The Transalp Club Netherlands was, as said before, founded in April 1991 and is registered with the Chamber of Commerce in Utrecht, The Netherlands under number V40482738. At the moment more than 390 people have a membership. Subscription fee is NLG 50,00 per person per year, including partner. Participation in the Transalp Club Netherlands events is free for members in possesion of a Transalp or Africa Twin or XLV750R or Varadero, including their partner (with or without their own motorcycle). The club's season starts at March 1 and ends at November 30. The administration and/or the editors do not guarantee the success of events in which the Transalp Club Netherlands takes part but which are not organised by he Transalp Club Netherlands. The administration can not be held resposible in any way for damage of any kind done during events organised by the Transalp Club Netherlands. Anyone taking part in such events does so for his/her own responsibility and risk. This also pertains to damage done to others.
Join the TCN - Unfortunately the Transalper magazine is only available in the dutch language and the tours are all organized in the Netherlands, possibly with the exception of the ITT. All in all it means that it is currently not possible for non-dutchies to join the TCN. For dutch riders who want to join, please visit the official TCN website and select 'Lid worden'.