- Safety and Annoyance -

The weather is fine and the number of people joining a ride is growing. Together we ride over small dikes, through forests and along small lakes. The most beautiful curves are ahead of us and everybody enjoys himself. What can be more beautiful than steering a happy humming two-cylinder through those curves, nothing right ?

Not for us, but what about others ? Suppose your six months old daughter finally falls asleep and a bunch of bikers passes. Suppose you are walking in a nature reserve and it so happens that a piece of off-road track lies there to.

Of course we are allowed to ride there. And of course 99.5% of the Transalps do not have loud pipes, but for the public bikers are all the same usually. Let's take care together, so we can keep on riding the nice roads. Lets take care that we cause as little annoyance as possible. Be aware of how you drive and how and where you park your bike at start, stop and finish.

Because of the big attendance we split up the group already a couple of times. This reduces annoyance and increases fun and safety. A smaller group will have less speed difference between head and tail. Because you pick the group you want (sporting or recreational), we expect you to behave likewise. We also expect you to ride 'like bricks in a wall', shifted. And not perform any spectacular overtakings or other stunts within the group. Realise that although you know what you are doing, but do other people know that to ?

Up until now (June 1996) we have not had a serious accident during a TCN-event and we'd like to keep it that way. As said before we are growing and so does the number of participants in the rides. Let's minimize the risks.

Safety begins with you
Minimize annoyance